As Oil Struggles To Hit $90, Will OPEC+ Cut Production Again Soon?

OPEC+ has extended its production cuts totaling 3.66 million bpd until 2025.
Further production cuts by OPEC+ could impact global oil prices and economic stability, particularly affecting China and the U.S.
Prominent OPEC countries may be reluctant to risk lower oil prices, as doing so could jeopardize the budgets for their ambitious national spending programs.

U.S. Crude Production Growth Challenges OPEC+ Control Over Prices

OPEC+ agrees to extend voluntary production cuts of 2.2 million BPD until the end of 2025, with gradual easing starting in October 2024.
The decision aims to stabilize crude prices and balance market demands, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s efforts to reconcile diverse member interests.
Weak demand concerns in China and other major economies, coupled with record U.S. oil output, have contributed to falling oil prices despite OPEC+ cuts and Middle Eastern tensions.