Libya Eyes Oil Comeback Despite Political Divide

Political instability has hindered Libya’s oil production, but the country is eager to regain its energy prominence with a goal of reaching 2 million barrels per day.
Substantial foreign investment is required to modernize Libya’s aging oil infrastructure, including pipelines and storage facilities.
Despite challenges, Libya’s significant untapped oil reserves present a substantial opportunity for economic growth and energy sector revival.

Ministry of Oil considers granting 40 percent of production to the Eni, Adnoc and Total coalition a violation of Libyan legislation

The Director of the Media Office at the Tripoli based Libyan Ministry of Oil and Gas, Ahmed Al-Tarhouni, told Libya Herald, that talk of the National Oil Corporation’s (NOC) intention to contract with a coalition of Eni / Adnoc /Total and grant them a 40 percent share of production is a legal violation that should be alerted to.

Libya’s Oil And Gas Rebound At Risk After Historic Storm

Oil-rich Libya has been fighting to get its oil industry back on track over the last decade, since the Arab Spring and subsequent political instability. Following the failed presidential elections of 2021, it finally appeared that Libya’s oil and gas industry was getting back on track. More foreign investment was coming in and several discoveries showed great promise for the country’s oil fields. However, a recent devastating storm has plunged into a humanitarian crisis, meaning its energy revenues and international support will be vital for its recovery.

Italy, Libya sign $8B gas deal as PM Meloni visits Tripoli

CAIRO — Italy’s prime minister held talks in Libya on Saturday with officials from the country’s west-based government focusing on energy and migration, top issues for Italy and the European Union. During the visit, the two countries’ oil companies signed a gas deal worth $8 billion — the largest single investment in Libya’s energy sector in more than two decades.