Investor Group Seeks to Steer BP Back to Oil and Gas

Bluebell Capital Partners criticized BP’s plan to reduce oil and gas production by 25% by 2030, labeling it an “irrational strategy”.
The investor group urged BP to cut funding for bioenergy, hydrogen, and renewable projects, claiming the company has “no right to win” in these markets.
Despite pressure, BP’s new leadership, under Murray Auchincloss, plans to continue with the existing renewable energy strategy.

Consolidation Push Could Turn U.S. Oil Industry into Handful of Giants

Acquisitions have essentially become the only option for producers that want to grow in the hydrocarbon-rich Permian basin.
Oxy’s acquisition of CrownRock cements an absolute banner year in Permian acquisitions and divestments spending.
Many analysts seem to expect that the consolidation drive will continue next year as well, suggesting that even the end of 2024 could see a lot fewer operators in the star play of the U.S. shale patch.

Oil and gas majors could still have earned $10tr after paying loss and damage share – Report

The top three emitters are Saudi Arabia’s Aramco, Russian government-owned Gazprom, the National Iranian Oil company, and the top investor-owned companies are ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Chevron. The list also includes the company led by the president of this year’s international climate negotiations: the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.