BP Taps Cutting-Edge 4D Seismic Tech to Survey Azerbaijani Oil Field

The survey will cover 740 square kilometers focusing on Balakhany and Fasila oil reservoirs, using specialized vessels for a detailed analysis.
Production from the ACG oil field has significantly declined since its peak in 2010, prompting this initiative to better manage and potentially increase remaining reserves.
The new seismic survey, complemented by BP’s ongoing projects like the Azeri Central East platform, aims to sustain Azerbaijan’s oil production and revenue in the coming years.

Investor Group Seeks to Steer BP Back to Oil and Gas

Bluebell Capital Partners criticized BP’s plan to reduce oil and gas production by 25% by 2030, labeling it an “irrational strategy”.
The investor group urged BP to cut funding for bioenergy, hydrogen, and renewable projects, claiming the company has “no right to win” in these markets.
Despite pressure, BP’s new leadership, under Murray Auchincloss, plans to continue with the existing renewable energy strategy.