Message From The CEO

A Shared Platform

The Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chamber represents a growing group of exploration and production companies as well as service companies working in the upstream petroleum industry in Ghana.

The objective of the Chamber is to promote the well being of the oil and gas sector by providing a shared platform for its members to protect and enhance their common interests whilst ensuring high standards and industry best practice. The Chamber is set up to champion the interests of all members whether they be small indigenous companies or large international oil companies. We are determined to play our part in a fair and balanced manner, to serve the needs of the industry for the common good.

We support the government’s efforts to ensure the adoption of supportive legislation and policies that provide an attractive business environment, and we collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure the sustained contribution of the industry to the socio economic development of Ghana.

Given the diversity of its membership, the Chamber is positioned to provide thought leadership to the industry, based on their collective knowledge and experience gained from working in this highly specialized and critical sector.

Together and in partnership with government, the Chamber will strive to harness Ghana’s petroleum resources in a sustainable manner, for the benefit of investors and the people of Ghana.

Chief Executive Officer
Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chamber

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