Local, Ghanaian companies in partnership to conduct real-time monitoring of oil, gas production

e-Magic Guyana, known for its expertise in industrial IoT and digital twins solutions, and West Coast Gas Ghana Limited (WCGG), an innovator in hydrocarbon accounting and oil and gas data management have teamed up to launch AnaWorX Inc. This joint venture aims to revolutionize how the oil and gas industry monitors and manages production in real-time, combining the strengths of both companies to benefit stakeholders in Guyana and ultimately, around the world.

AnaWorX Inc., embodying the rich heritages of ‘Ana’ from Guyana and Ghana and integrating the cutting-edge ‘WorX’ from e-Magic’s proprietary TwinWorX® software platform, represents the fusion of advanced technology with profound industry insights. The company will focus on improving natural resource management by using advanced technology and the expertise of e-Magic and WCGG.

e-Magic brings over 35 years of technological leadership and its advanced TwinWorX® platform to the partnership. This platform features a cloud-based architecture using Microsoft Azure, ensuring scalable, secure, and efficient solutions for resource management. e-Magic’s commitment to open and scalable systems, along with its experience in sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, and infrastructure, positions AnaWorX Inc. to tackle the unique challenges of managing natural resources, especially in developing countries.

WCGG brings expertise in designing, developing and operating hydrocarbon monitoring systems that allow for accurate hydrocarbon accounting, oil and gas nominations and value chain optimization, contract management, and oil and gas data management, using advanced technology. Over the years, WCGG’s bespoke technologies and applications have delivered significant value to its diverse customers through revenue assurance, portfolio optimization and other value chain efficiency driven tools.

AnaWorX Inc. is poised to support governments and local industries in Guyana and elsewhere with better oversight, help establish national oil and gas data archives, and employ cutting-edge technologies. This initiative aims to enhance resource management, increase transparency, and build trust within the oil and gas industry.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with e-Magic,” Mr. Emmanuel Johnson, CEO of West Coast Gas Ghana stated. “Our shared vision is to leverage our respective strengths to provide the oil and gas production monitoring and natural resource management. Together with e-Magic we will redefine how technology can enhance production processes, minimize risk, and drive sustainable growth.”

Tony Harris, the President and CEO of e-Magic said, “We are confident that by combining our TwinWorX digital twins platform and deep technical expertise, with West Coast Gas Ghana’s in-depth industry knowledge we will provide a comprehensive monitoring capability that will revolutionize how public and private industry manage oil production and natural resources. Our joint venture aims to set new standards for efficiency, transparency, and sustainability in these vital sectors.”

Source: newsroom.gy