Upstream petroleum chamber calls for harnessing of local gas resources

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana upstream petroleum chamber, David Ampofo has called on various players in the country’s energy sector to focus attention and more resources on local gas production.

This, he says, is necessary to strengthen the sector and also cut down on the amount of foreign reserve that is used to import gas.

As of June 2021, the total amount of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) imported into Ghana reached 7.49 million U.S. dollars.

David Ampofo made the call on the sidelines at the maiden Ghana oil and gas conference organized by his outfit.

Mr.  Ampofo said ” We need to harness our GAS, Ghana has a lot of Natural GAS yet we do not do much with it”.

He admitted it was an area that required heavy capital yet is maintained it is an important activity to undertake like “the advocacy for the curbing of rice imports, we are being urged to grow our own rice and it is the same with gas especially in the current economic times”

Ghana is said to have a lot of gas that comes with the discovery of crude oil yet there is the need to invest in infrastructure like pipelines and gas lines to harness this resource.