U.S. oil, gas industry adds over 1,700 jobs amidst growing global energy demand

On Nov. 7, the Energy Workforce and Technology Council released its monthly jobs report, indicating an addition of 1,736 jobs to the oil field service industry, totaling 652,874, according to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) after adjustments to September numbers and analysis. 

In comparison to last month, job availability across the sector increased by 0.3%, as the market continued to add jobs for 8 out of 11 months. As the United States job market begins to cool, with the national unemployment rate rising by 0.1% in October, the oil and gas industry continues to increase its job numbers as global energy demand continues to skyrocket. 

“The oil and gas industry has long played a critical role in the American job market,” said Energy Workforce & Technology Council President Molly Determan. “For generations, the oil and gas sector has brought prosperous jobs to those of all skill sets. As we continue to adapt to changes and work to meet global energy demand, workforce priorities have continued to shift. To remain competitive in the workforce of the future, the industry must remain on the cutting edge of technological implementation and engage talent who is willing to drive innovation.” 

Source: https://worldoil.com