Tullow, partners affirm commitment to support coastal communities

The operator of Jubilee and TEN oil fields, Tullow Ghana, along with its partners, has undertaken significant initiatives aimed at enhancing community infrastructure and engagement in a concerted effort to bolster support for coastal communities in the Western Region. One such initiative involved the construction and rehabilitation of 26 community sheds across seven coastal municipal, metropolitan, and district assemblies in the Western Region. These sheds, dedicated to fishing communities, have been equipped with essential amenities, including inbuilt seating, store rooms for donated items, fixtures and fittings, and access facilities, to ensure their utility and longevity. 

Moreover, each of these sheds has been furnished with a hundred plastic chairs and a rechargeable public address system, facilitating regular community engagement and dialogue between stakeholders. This provision underscores Tullow Ghana’s commitment to fostering meaningful interactions and collaboration with local communities.

During the handing-over ceremony at Brawire near Axim, Tullow Ghana’s Deputy Managing Director, Cynthia Lumor expressed appreciation for the cooperation and partnership demonstrated by the fishery sector over the years. She emphasised the pivotal role played by these communities in supporting offshore operations and advancing the nation’s development agenda.

She reiterated Tullow’s dedication to building a prosperous future for Ghana, underscored by sustained collaboration and support from stakeholders. “Tullow Ghana and our partners recognise the significant role you play in supporting the work we do with the government on the high seas, as we engage and collaborate to deliver good benefits to the people of Ghana,” she said.

“As partners we are committed to building a better future for the country– both present and future, where our resources propel our total development and transformation for the country. We cannot do it alone and we are happy to have the fishing community as one of our partners with a strong support system throughout the journey,” she said.  A field development plan was approved, the joint-venture partners, including Tullow Ghana, Kosmos Energy and GNPC, resolved to engage and maintain good relations with the stakeholders who operate in the catchment areas of its offshore upstream operations. These engagements, she said, always take the form of face-to-face interactions, small groupings, radio discussions, community durbars, and other alternatives. “To the partners and Tullow, these engagements are important because they help us to know and understand the concerns of our key stakeholders so we can support in critical development areas to protect and enhance livelihoods,” she said.

She highlighted the importance of maintaining positive relations with communities in the catchment areas of offshore operations, emphasising the significance of face-to-face interactions and community engagement initiatives. Recognising the challenges associated with securing suitable venues for these engagements, Mrs. Lumor underscored the importance of rehabilitating community sheds to provide sustainable spaces for future interactions. The initiative received commendation from the Western Regional Branch of the Ghana National Canoe Council, with its member, Mr. Michael Nokoe expressing gratitude for the support extended to fishing communities.

He urged Tullow Ghana and its partners to consider extending similar initiatives to more communities in need, emphasising the importance of continued support and collaboration. “We are happy with the thoughtfulness of Tullow Ghana and its partners, however, we have more communities that need to benefit. We plead with the partners to come up with phase two to cover other communities as well. The newly constructed and the rehabilitated ones are a great help to us, but we want more,” he said. Before the formal handover, Mr. Elijah Boye Ampah of Tullow’s Social Performance Team, provided insights into ongoing operations, challenges faced in the area of incursions, and various social support initiatives.

The event provided an opportunity for community members to engage, ask questions, and offer suggestions for future initiatives. Overall, the partnership between the Jubilee/TEN partners and the coastal communities underscore a commitment to sustainable development and collaboration, paving the way for enhanced livelihoods and community resilience along the Western. 

Source: myjoyonline.com