The USA becomes the world’s top LNG exporter

The USA has become the world’s largest global distributor of LNG after growing exports by 12% in H1 2022, the Energy Information Administration announced on Monday.

The country’s exports averaged 317 mcm (11.2 bcf) per day during the period, with a current installed average capacity of 323 mcm (11.4 bcf) per day and a short-term peak capacity of 394 mcm (13.9 bcf) per day.

The agency cited the main reasons for the country taking the lead position as heightened gas prices, a rise in production capacity and increased global demand, particularly from Europe.

LNG imports into the EU and the UK increased by 63% during H1 2022 to an average of 419 mcm (14.8 bcf) per day. US exports to the region in the first five months of 2022 accounted for 71% of all national exports.

The US has pushed forward development of its LNG facilities to meet demand, with export capacity rising by an average of 54.8 mcm (1.9 bcf) per day since November 2021.

New commissioned assets include a sixth train at the Sabine Pass facility, 18 mid-scale liquefaction trains at the Calcasieu Pass facility and increased production at the Corpus Christi facility.

Source:The USA becomes the world’s top LNG exporter – The Energy Year