Tanzania’s Zanzibar plans to construct premier port for handling bulk oil, gas cargo

Tanzania’s Zanzibar President Hussein Ali Mwinyi on Saturday announced plans to construct a premier port for handling bulk oil and gas cargo.

Launching an oil depot at Mangapwani on Unguja Island, President Mwinyi said the port to be constructed in the same area will serve landlocked countries in the eastern and southern African regions.

He said the Mangapwani area will also be used for the construction of a fishing harbor, a move aimed at boosting fisheries and the blue economy. “Zanzibar is yet to exploit its marine resources to its full. The construction of the fishing harbor will boost the exploitation of these resources.”‘

He added that a port dealing specifically with food imports and exports, including cereals, will also be built in the Mangapwani area. “The Mangapwani multipurpose port is a new cargo facility designed to equip Zanzibar with adequate infrastructure to meet the growing demands of trade and cargo passage through the region.” Enditem