Stage Set for Opening of International Energy Conference in Guyana

A number of key players in the international energy sector are in Guyana for the International Energy Conference which opens today at the Marriott hotel.

The Conference is coming at a time when Guyana is set to ramp up oil production and more companies have been eyeing Guyana for their next major investment.

President Irfaan Ali will outline Guyana’s energy policy and its plans for the growth and sustainability of the oil and gas sector.

The Presidents of Ghana and Suriname along with the Prime Minister of Barbados will also address the opening of the conference.

Over 500 international and local delegates will attend the conference over the next four days.

The conference’s Chief Executive Officer, Angenie Abel said the stage is set and a number of key issues and initiatives will be raised throughout the conference, which will also bring together more than 150 companies. 

“We have worked hard to get policymakers, industry practitioners, and professors into the same conversation about what the energy future is going to look like globally and how Guyana will be able to participate in that energy future and how Guyana makes itself competitive”, she explained.

Meanwhile, Communications Director of the conference Alex Graham pointed out that the conference is expected to discuss major issues affecting the sector such as local content with a heavy focus on how citizens of Guyana can play a critical role in the sector.

“We want to ensure that in this generation and in their era Guyana is not just seen as a place where you can go get some resources and leave, which had been an old model that we probably have suffered from in the colonial past but we want to demonstrate that in addition of being resource-rich that we could provide the thought quality leadership for the development of these sectors and for the contribution to the future,”  Graham stated.

The Chairman of the Exxon company is expected to be one of the speakers on day 1 of the conference.  A number of other major players in the international business and oil and gas sectors will also speak at the conference as they all examine energy resources and sustainability.