PGS develops offshore Ghana regional atlas

Offshore staff

OSLO, Norway — PGS has formed a partnership with the Ghanaian Petroleum Commission to apply technology advances in interactive rock physics offshore Ghana.

The company has developed a new regional atlas as an exploration screening tool that includes known discoveries in the area, and 12 wells drilled in the Early and Late Cretaceous plays.

A consistent petrophysical evaluation conducted for each well supports the characterization of the mineralogy, porosity, and fluid at both well and regional scales.

PGS has applied rock physics models to describe the relationships between rock properties and elastic logs, to condition the elastic data, and to construct a regional rock physics model that serves as a basis for further studies.

Any perturbation of lithology, porosity, and fluid generated by users, it adds, is constrained within the limits of this model.

A synthetic seismogram tool allows users to generate synthetic seismic data in real-time both from in-situ and perturbational scenarios. And the data comparator allows for comparisons between synthetic and available seismic data, supporting potential correlation of the seismic response of prospects with known wells in the area.