Oil and Gas Regulations 2023—Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, & Ghana

The Oil and Gas sector is a major industry in the energy market and plays an influential role in the global economy as the world’s primary fuel source. The industry has recognized Africa’s potential and continues to create platforms for the advancement of the continent’s energy industry.

The production and distribution of oil and gas—petroleum collectively—entail several processes such as development and transportation with the aid of technologically advanced equipment. The report provides a practical insight into oil and gas regulations in Ghana, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea, covering the entire value chain of the industry. It also provides key details on other regulatory provisions that are important to undertaking a risk assessment of investments in the sector.

“Laws and regulations can help to reduce risks and allow for faster and safer growth. It can also boost reputation and build trust. All these advantages indicate that your organization is more likely to survive in the long run.

Furthermore, they can help you secure investment by creating formal reporting procedures that clearly lay out everything that investors need to know. An investor is more likely to invest in a jurisdiction that has a clear legal and regulatory framework. This report provides an in-depth practical insight into oil and gas regulations and will be helpful to investors and stakeholders alike”, said Zion Adeoye, Managing Director of Centurion Law Group             

Evidently, regulating the energy sector plays a significant role in the success and wealth of an economy. The report/guide covers common and practical issues in Oil & Gas Law and regulations, as well as the business of oil and gas. Included in the report are detailed information on the regulatory landscape on the development of oil & natural gas, import/export, transportation, oil and gas trading, foreign investments, dispute resolution etc, in the above-mentioned countries. The report provides a broad overview of the oil and gas and related sectors and acts as a guide. This is also in line with Centurion’s mandate via its #InvestmentGuides to provide guidance for investors into the continent or existing business looking to expand to other African jurisdictions.

Source: https://www.businessghana.com/