Occidental Petroleum conducts record-breaking well test in Middle East

US giant Occidental Petroleum has drilled a near-field exploration well in Oman’s onshore Block 65, delivering an impressive 6000 barrels of oil equivalent per day on a production test, said chief executive Vicki Hollub.

“This was our highest Oman initial production test in the decade, and we continue to show the benefits of our subsurface characterisation techniques worldwide,” she said in the company’s quarterly earnings call.

The well drilled in Block 65 is “now on production to sales in less than a month from completion,” Hollub added.

She termed the achievement as nothing less than a “record” and said it is “another good sign for healthy production coming out of the Middle East,” adding that “we do have incremental opportunities in Oman for additional wells that are similar to that in Block 65.”

Hollub said this particular block was awarded to the company in 2019 and in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, the company remains “positive about opportunities” in a country where it is the “largest independent producer.”