Norway’s Ministry of Energy announces two areas in the North Sea for applications related to CO2 injection and storage

Norway’s Ministry of Energy has announced two areas in the North Sea for applications related to CO2 injection and storage on the Norwegian continental shelf.

‘I am very pleased that several companies want storage areas for commercial storage of CO2 on the Norwegian continental shelf. We have developed a system that provides good access to promising areas. Today’s announcement for applications is another step on the road towards making Norway a central arena for CO2 storage as an important climate measure for Europe’, said Minister of Energy Terje Aasland.

Awards of such areas is a prerequisite for large-scale carbon capture and storage. Several commercial companies have made inquiries to the ministry with desire regarding awards of one or more specific storage areas. These inquiries form the basis for the areas now being announced.

‘Succeeding with large-scale CO2 storage is important for the world to reach its climate goals. Such solutions are important to the Norwegian government. That is why we are facilitating commercial CO2 storage on our continental shelf. If we succeed, such activity will have the potential to reduce emissions in Europe, while creating new and valuable jobs in Norway’said Aasland.

Announcement and possible allocation of area for a storage permit will take place after individual application. The permitting process is initiated by companies by applying for  permits according to the storage regulations, after having established  that they have a sufficiently good basis for applying.

The application deadline is April 24th, 2024 at 12:00