No Shady Slop In Oil Sale – TOR

The Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) has denied allegations that it illegally sold a total of 260 metric tonnes of slop oil in its storage tank to K-Moy Ghana Limited and Petro XP Ghana Limited.

Responding to reports that it sold slop oil – a mixture of petroleum product, water and solids – to the two companies without recourse to due process, TOR said, “The slop oil in question was disposed and sold to Petro XP Ghana Limited and not K-Moy Ghana Limited, and the transaction followed established processes.”

In a statement, TOR indicated that Petrol XP Ghana Limited and Petro XP Ghana Limited have the same directors and that the two entities have been doing business with TOR since 2021.

“Petrol XP is their registered name with Petro XP as their trade name, and documents available to TOR conform with documentation at the National Petroleum Authority (NPA),” the statement explained.

It added that TOR deals with slop oil by transferring it to crude oil tanks, Atmospheric Residue (AR) tanks, selling it or using it for tank cleaning during maintenance.

“The above activities have been part and parcel of the Refinery’s processes ever since its establishment, thus this disposal is not out of the ordinary as being portrayed; especially when there is no crude oil or AR in our tanks,” the statement intimated.

Source:No Shady Slop In Oil Sale – TOR – DailyGuide Network