LNAP: Suspended oil minister blocked “suspicious” NC7 field agreement

The Libyan National Assembly of Parties (LNAP) has levelled accusations against the Government of National Unity (GNU), alleging they ousted Oil and Gas Minister Mohammed Aoun to push through controversial oil agreements. The LNAP cites the NC7 field agreement in the Hamada Basin as a violation of House Resolution 15/2023 prohibiting “tampering with sovereign assets” and voiding any deals relevant to the NC7 agreement.

The Assembly also alleges that Dbeibah’s government ignored communications from the Audit Bureau and Attorney General’s Office advising to halt negotiations on the NC7 field. In their statement, the group criticised the broader management of Libya’s energy sector, suggesting “corruption pervades much of it,” with both the GNU and the National Oil Corporation (NOC) implicated. 

They cited specific concerns, including the “unjustified” increase in fuel subsidies, the exchange of crude oil for fuel, and the awarding of development contracts for some oil fields to newly established and unknown companies. The LNPA claims Aoun’s removal, the lone dissenting voice against “suspicious oil deals” within the government, clears the way for the NC7 field agreement’s approval. On Tuesday, the Prime Minister appointed Deputy Minister Khalifa Abdulsadek to manage the Oil and Gas Ministry in Aoun’s absence.

Source: libyaobserver.ly