Kenya petroleum sector fraught with criminality

NAIROBI(CAJ News) – THE recent death of six people after a gas explosion southeast of the capital Nairobi is a culmination of illegal practices in the petroleum sector.

This is according to the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) as the East African country reels from the tragedy that struck on the night of February in the Embakasi area of the capital, Nairobi.Over 300 civilians were injured.KEPSA noted there had been reported illegal activities in the petroleum sector, including illegal filling of cylinders and illegal operations that bear unacceptable risk to users, and other stakeholders such as neighbours.

“We call upon the government to carry out thorough investigations of not only this facility but also all illegal petroleum-related facilities and involved unlicensed professionals in the country,” KEPSA stated.The government of President William Ruto has initiated investigations.

“KEPSA will fully support this initiative by extending professional support to the investigation team,” the organisation stated.KEPSA recommended that the government might similarly, wish to consider forming a petroleum taskforce to review the level of non-compliance and causes of non-compliance and develop recommendations for a way forward.

The recommendations should include measures to enhance compliance levels, awareness of the hazards of liquefied petroleum gas and the development of acceptable and effective whistle-blowing mechanisms to allow members of the public to report cases of non-compliance with the capability to track action taken.“We finally urge the government to hold their agencies accountable for any underperformance in their mandate,” KEPSA urged.