Italian oil company ENI faces landmark climate lawsuit

In a groundbreaking case, Greenpeace Italy and ReCommon are suing Eni, alleging its contribution to global warming, amidst revelations of the company’s ties to climate deniers.

Stella Levantesi reports for DeSmog.

In short:

  • Greenpeace Italy and ReCommon’s lawsuit against Eni marks Italy’s first climate change legal action, focusing on the company’s alleged role in exacerbating global warming.
  • The case scrutinizes Eni’s connections with climate denial, highlighted by their consultants’ ties to fossil fuel interests and climate denial groups.
  • Central to the lawsuit is whether Eni knowingly contributed to climate change and violated human rights, with implications for the company’s future carbon emission reduction responsibilities.

Key quote:

“Can the report of someone who has often personally embraced and disseminated climate change denialist positions be considered reliable in the context of climate litigation?”

— Greenpeace Italy and ReCommon

Why this matters:

This lawsuit may be pivotal in holding corporations accountable for their impact on climate change, potentially setting a precedent for future environmental litigation.