Isaac Osei: TOR is in good shape, needs consistent purchase of crude oil to operate

A former managing director of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), Isaac Osei has said the state refinery is currently in good shape and requires the consistent purchase of crude oil to keep it running.

The TOR Workers’ Union recently called on the government to include the refinery in the gold for oil programme to enable them to produce fuel products at a cheaper cost.

Speaking with Emmanuel Aboagye Wiafe in an exclusive interview, Osei said the plant was well-maintained and positioned to ensure effective processing of crude oil if the commodity is made available.

He said: “… During my time, what we tried to do was to bring maintenance up to speed to reduce the losses in production and to run the plant; which we did…the only thing we can do to safe TOR is to keep it running; you keep it running by bringing in crude oil for TOR to operate…”


However, Osei also lamented the issue of overstaffing in some state organizations like TOR and the Immigration Service.

He said this continues to have a strain on the finances of such organizations, reduces their effectiveness and limits their ability to make profits.

“TOR just like many other public institutions, I know for example that they are overstaffed. We had over 1000 people working in TOR when we could have done with less than 200 and it’s repeated all over the public services.”

He added “And that has been the case; these public enterprises are seen as employment agencies … and you cannot expect them to make profits when they are carrying human resource load beyond what they require.”

Osei, who is currently the board chair of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) resigned from TOR on 1 January 2020.

Under his tenure, one of TOR’s furnaces which exploded in 2017 was replaced and ready to operate its 45000 barrels per stream day capacity.

He also ensured that the company completed payment for a 120-tonne per hour boiler which would help in power generation activities for TOR.