Global Energy Show returns to Calgary

The 2022 Global Energy Show kicked off at the BMO Centre in Calgary on Tuesday. The three-day event features an exhibition, strategic conference, technical conference and an awards show.

Photographer Ose Irete was there to capture the first day of the exhibition where industry stakeholders, government agencies and businesses set up shop to showcase their products, ideas and innovations. The event caters to all aspects of the energy sector, from solar to nuclear and everything in-between.

Heather Scott  of Calgary based manufacturing company Nexxa Industries said the event is an opportunity to see “where the trends are going” and identify what needs businesses like hers can meet across the energy secto“I really see a pick up in business and activity, everyone is very engaged and hopeful for lots of opportunities in the future,” said Scott. 
Various provinces were on hand to tout the benefits of investment in their regions, with Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan (pictured below) all represented. 
Countries weren’t left out of the action, either. The Republic of Ghana was present in the form of its upstream oil and gas regulator, Petroleum Commission, Ghana. 
Egbert Faibille Jr. CEO of the Petroleum Commission (pictured below) says one of its mandates is to promote Ghana’s hydrocarbon resources at global energy industry events like this. 

He hopes to sell potential investors on the West African nation’s untapped potential.

“Our fiscal regime is about the best, if not one of the best in Africa. There is zero political risk in Ghana, also technical risk very minimal. Geological risk very minimal if non-existent, and human resource-wise we have a very good stock of human resources.” 
Faibille says their booth has seen a lot of interest, but he hopes that translates into concrete conversations.

“The success in all of this will also be for the followup actions so that all the traffic that came here will result in a rush for available acreages in Ghana.” 

The Global Energy Show is an opportunity for businesses to showcase where they are headed next. 

Brandon Wood (pictured below) of independent fuel retailer Parkland Corporation says they are looking toward the energy transition with investments in solar, electronic vehicle charging stations and innovations like co-processed fuel blended with canola and tallow. 

“As a business, we recognize that there is huge opportunity for us in terms of what we offer our clients that are lower carbon based,” said Wood. 
“We recognize that the energy transition isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s going to take a lot of collaboration, it’s going to take a lot of investment [and] it’s going to take a lot of innovation in order for us to be able to effectively reach global targets,” he added. 
The event looked to the future with representatives from SAIT and the University of Calgary in attendance. As well, there is a Next Gen Theatre where panellists like Janice Tran of Kanin Energy (pictured below) answered questions from industry newcomers. 
The Global Energy Show runs June 7-9.