Energy Consultant blames woes of TOR on government’s policy inconsistencies

Mr. Abdulai cited technical and financial crises as the reasons TOR cannot be in operation in its current form to alleviate the fuel challenges in the country.
But speaking on the Weekly Review Segment of Starr FM, Mr. Mutawakilu says the government has not been specific on what it would do with TOR.

“TOR was operational when Nana Addo came to government in 2017. Policy inconsistencies are what have brought TOR to this level.

Did you hear Hon? Agyarko, former Minister for Energy openly said that TOR will be turned into a tank farm. When no policy is made to turn it into a tank farm and not to process crude.

“When should we pay attention to its processing? Later the minister came and said no, we are revamping TOR. That has brought us to this stage. This government has never had a consistent policy on TOR. The today tank farm, tomorrow it should process, while six years down the lane you are not doing anything,” the Consultant

However, the Board Member of TOR in a rebuttal said the products that came from TOR in recent times were rejected by consumers because of the content of sulfur and the low quality.

“When you look at the equipment and its nature since 1955 we have had new refineries and technology that have come on board so that the fuel you are going to use will be better. But nonetheless, it can be used.

“So when you ask a question why it has not been revamped I think that now technically the equipment is down. I am aware that we are working round the clock for a partner.

Secondly, it has to do with money, TOR has actually had problems in getting capital to be able to put the company on its feet.

“So because of that as I speak to you we have decided to go into a strong strategic partnership so that the strategic partner and us will be able to see how we can find plants and of course try to better the equipment by getting some engineers on board.”