Azerbaijan wants to speed goals set at Cop 28

The UN’s Cop 29 climate summit in Azerbaijan will focus on speeding the delivery of goals set at Cop 28 as well as expanding and adding new solutions for the integration of renewables.

Tripling renewable capacity and doubling energy efficiency by 2030 are the key commitments on which the summit will focus, Elnur Soltanov, deputy minister of energy and chief executive officer of Cop 29, said at CERAWeek by S&P Global conference in Houston, Texas. The accord reached at Cop 28 called for a “just, orderly and equitable” transition from fossil fuels. “We have to keep momentum and set up meaningful success,” Soltanov said, adding that all actors in the global economy need to transition to achieve climate goals.

“Every country is an oil country, either on the supply side or the demand side,” he added. “We are all together in it. The entire architecture of the global economy needs to transition.” Soltanov sees “green corridors” between regions to transport “green electrons” through electrical grid interconnections as an important element for expanding renewables as well as grid-scale storage. Although the agenda for Cop 29 has not yet been defined, Soltanov admitted that there are plenty of issues that need to be debated but the country will focus on “issues we can deliver”.