Aramco discovers two major natural gas fields in the Empty Quarter

In a significant development for the energy sector, Aramco has announced the discovery of two substantial natural gas fields in the vast expanse of the Empty Quarter, reaffirming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s position as a global energy powerhouse. The first of these discoveries is the Al-Hiran natural gas field, whose presence has been confirmed following successful exploration efforts.

The Al-Hiran-1 well, located within this field, demonstrated promising results as gas flowed from the Hanifa reservoir at a remarkable rate of approximately 848,712 cubic metres per day. Additionally, the well yielded approximately 26,971 barrels of condensates daily (barrels per day or BCPD). Furthermore, in the Al-‘Arab-C reservoir within the same field, a rate of approximately 87,891 cubic meters per day was recorded, solidifying Al-Hiran’s potential as a valuable resource.

The second natural gas field, named Al-Mahakik, has also been officially verified by Saudi Aramco. Gas was successfully extracted from the Al-Mahakik-2 well, with a rate of approximately 24,036 cubic metres per day, indicating another promising addition to the Kingdom’s energy assets. In addition to these significant discoveries, Saudi Aramco made remarkable strides in augmenting its natural gas reserves. Gas was found in five reservoirs within previously explored fields:

  1. Jallah Reservoir: Located in the ‘Usaikerak field in the Empty Quarter, gas was found to flow at a rate of approximately 1,303,607 cubic metres per day, presenting substantial potential for this region’s energy resources.
  2. Shadoun Field: West of Haradh, Saudi Aramco uncovered an additional natural gas reservoir. The ‘Unayzah-A reservoir produced gas at a rate of approximately 439,844 cubic meters per day, accompanied by approximately 73,054 BCPD.
  3. Mazalij Field: In the southwest of Dhahran, the ‘Unayzah B/C reservoirs proved to be gas-rich, with a flow rate of approximately 396,654 cubic metres per day and around 66,039 BCPD.
  4. Al-Wadhihi Field: In the Al-Sarah reservoir, southwest of Hofuf city, natural gas flowed at a rate of approximately 331,000 cubic metres per day.
  5. Awtad Field: Located southwest of Hofuf city, the Al-Qusaibah reservoir exhibited a flow rate of approximately 147,130 cubic metres per day, complemented by approximately 1,613 BCPD.

These discoveries underscore Saudi Aramco’s ongoing commitment to expanding the Kingdom’s energy reserves and ensuring its pivotal role in the global energy market. The newfound resources hold the potential to significantly contribute to Saudi Arabia’s energy security and economic prosperity while bolstering its standing as a leading player in the international energy landscape.