Ahweneeh Danquah: GNPC will continue to fully implement local content in our E&P operations

The chief executive officer of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), Opoku Ahweneeh Danquah has said the national oil company will continue to fully implement local content in its exploration and production (E&P) operations.

He said national oil companies like GNPC also hold a significant key to enhancing local content development.

“Rest assured that GNPC will continue to fully implement local content in our E&P operations while we strategically build standby technical capabilities which are both commercially and financially sustainable in the wake of the energy transition.”

“In the same light, domestic industry stakeholders, should not only serve as passive actors when it comes to local content policies but need to act as strategic agents in creating an enabling environment for the effective implementation of Local content laws,” Ahweneeh Danquah said.

The CEO of GNPC was speaking at the 2022 Local Content Conference and Exhibition in Takoradi in the Western Region on Tuesday (22 November).


He added, “You will hear more about GNPC’s Voltaian Basin Project later, but I will touch on how we are using this homegrown project to boost local content. The project was born out of the Corporation’s drive for commercial operatorship of its oil and gas assets coupled with a strong national desire for Ghanaians to manage and retain a maximum benefit from our petroleum resources. The project aims to culminate in the drilling of GNPC’s first well in the Basin.”

As part of exploration efforts, GNPC has acquired and processed over 3,800-Iine km of 2D seismic data from Phase 1 to 3. Phase 3 is now about 77% complete.

“In 2023, GNPC will acquire additional 2D seismic data and collect geochemistry samples to further aid our understanding of the basin.”

He said, “GNPC’s local content plan has seen real results. Phase 1 involved 46% of local goods and services contracted, while Phase 3 has seen 100% of the goods and services contracted locally.  Phase 3 has also involved no less than 95% of indigenous staff employed.”

The three-day conference and exhibition (22 – 24 November) was under the theme: ‘Sustaining Local Content Development through Enhanced Exploration and Production in the Era of Energy Transition”.

Source: https://asaaseradio.com/