Revised Plan For Deepwater Optimization To Be Submitted To Government – Aker Energy

The government is counting on oil development projects such as the Pecan field one
Oil exploration firm, Aker Energy Ghana has disclosed plans to submit a revised development plan to the Government of Ghana, GoG, to facilitate the optimization of the Deepwater Tano/Cape Three Points (DWT/CTP).

The development comes after the company’s initial Plan of Development was earlier rejected by government.
But the company in a statement issued said it will undertake Geophysical and Geotechnical surveys at the end of May 2021 which will determine further plans at optimizing the Pecan Subsea Field Layout.

Chief Executive of Aker Energy Ghana Limited, Khadijah Amoah explained, “with these surveys, we take a significant step in moving towards submitting a Plan of Development and Operations to the Government of Ghana and achieving first oil.”
Mrs Amoah said her outfit was also moving ahead as planned with the new phased development concept for the Pecan field aimed at reducing the break even costs to achieve its first oil find adding that its partners are currently assessing field development concepts and FPSO candidates for redeployment, along with a final selection that will primarily focus on technical capabilities and efficient cost.

“The team has optimized the field development concept to secure a robust and cost-efficient project reducing the breakeven cost to approximately half the original cost. While the original field development concept was based on a centralized FPSO supporting the development of the entire Pecan field, as well as tie-ins of all other area resources, the focus per the statement has shifted toward a phased development approach.”

“This approach will enable Aker Energy to commence with one FPSO for Pecan in the south and expand to a second FPSO in the north after a few years, with tie-ins of additional discovered resources. The first FPSO will be deployed at around 115 kilometres offshore Ghana over a subsea production system installed in ultra-deep waters in depths ranging from 2,400 to 2,700 metres,” the statement explained.

Khadijah Amoah said Aker Energy remains committed to oil development in Ghana while its partners are optimistic of this new phased development concept which could finally see first oil in the fourth offshore field of the country.

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