Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chamber Presents Position Paper to Petroleum Commission (PC)

The Ghana Upstream Petroleum Chamber has called on the Chief Executive Officer of the Petroleum Commission and Team to present a position paper on the relationship between the PC and the member companies. A position paper of this nature was necessary to bridge the gap and create a platform where issues are discussed at length and addressed.

They exchanged ideas on ways to address the present challenges facing the industry as well as discussed how best to collaborate in the interest of the industry. In his comments, the Chief Executive Officer of the PC, Mr. Egbert Faibille said “The Petroleum Commission’s doors are always open to the Chamber to discuss issues and find possible solutions that are mutually beneficial to all parties.” He also mentioned that it was necessary for Regulator and Member Companies to have a symbiotic relationship in order for the industry to thrive. He continued by saying that lessons must be learnt from Ghana’s Mining Industry so as not to repeat the same mistakes in the Oil and Gas Sector.

Mr. David Ampofo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber thanked the Petroleum Commission for their time and role in putting together the Position Paper which will serve as a basis for building platform for frank conversations to be had. He also recommended routine engagements between the parties in order to sustain the momentum and work to ensure an improved working relationship between the Regulator and Member Companies.

The parties agreed to a joint stakeholder working group to discuss the findings and offer solutions to it. It is our expectation that through this paper, the industry will find a more common purpose, work in harmony and overall make Ghana an attractive investment destination.

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